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 Bogdan Aleksandrov

Born in 1960, VidinBulgaria.
Lives and works in VidinBulgaria.
Education: "St.St. Cyril and Methodius" 

Individual Exhibition (selected):

2018                    “Vertigo. Portraits #withoutadiagnosis”, National Autumn   Exhibition Plovdiv 2018, Balabanov house, Deep Hall

“Pareidolia. Staged portraits”, ONE Monev gallery, Sofia, BG

2017                          “The private harmony of chaos”, Retrospective exhibition, “Nikola                      `                                    Petrov” Gallery, Vidin, BG

2015                         "Palimsest, portraits without name", One Gallery, Sofia, BG.                                                 Curator:  Svilen Stefanov

2013                          "Drop Frame... Portraits in motion", Yuzina Gallery, Sofia Bulgaria.
                                   Curator Svilen Stefanov

2012                          "Purgatorium", Rayko Aleksiev gallery, Sofia, BG. Curator Desislava          Moneva; "Creation from nothing", Radicalno exhibition space, St. st. Cyril and Methodius University, department of sculpture, Veliko Turnovo, BG. Curator Georghi Minchev; "Local cooling", Gallery L’Union, Plovdiv, (BG), painting.

2010                          “Panta rei”, painting, Novi Sad, Serbia.

                                  “Noise”, Sofia City Gallery, Sofia,(BG), painting, sound installation.
2008                          “entrebaillement” Cite International Des Arts, Paris, France,
                                    Video projection and performance, with the participation of
                                     Dance on Wheels and Studios de Micandanses.
                                   “mixed”, Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, (BG), digital print, painting, video,

2007                           “Initial E”, Gallery L’Union, Plovdiv, (BG), Video installation, works
                             on handmade Japanese paper.
                                    “Replacement” , Nikola Petrov Gallery, Vidin (BG),  painting and projection, ( in the frame of  project “The Process”), curator Gordon Carter

2006                            “Residual image”, Narodni muzej, Zajchar, Serbia

2005                            “Residual image”, Stara Capetanjia Art Gallery, Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

2003                                                        “Anthropomorphous version”, National Art Gallery (crypt), Sofia (BG)

2002                            “My Glagolitsa”, painting, Sofia Art Gallery, London (UK)

2001                            “Shores”, painting, King’s Head Gallery, Presteign, Wales (UK)

1999                            "Metamorphoses of the Instant", painting and plastic arts, "Art 36" Art Gallery, Sofia (BG)

1997                            "DURE" Gallery, Timishoara, Romania
"Stalbata" Gallery, Sofia (BG)

Group Exhibition (selected):

2017                            "Contemporary Art from Bulgaria - 10 Years Later", Nis, Serbia, curator: Desislava Moneva
2016                             “Premio Arte Roma”, Stadium of Domitian, Curator: Amadeo Dimitri
2015                             Art Now, London Art Fair, OXO Tower, London, UK;
Contemporary Artists from Bulgaria Imago Mundi - Luciano Benetton Collection "Save the Dreams", Foundation Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy; "Image and Likeness", National Gallery, Sofia, BG, curator Nadia Timova 

2014                            “Project Berlin 2014”, group showing organized by “factory art” presented as part of the Berlin Art Week; Expo for contemporary art, 8-12 May, Hangzhou, China, Iconical analyses from Bulgaria - Contemporary art group exibition,presented by Yuzina Art Gallery, curators: Svilen Stefanov, Desislava Moneva

2013                           " Identities", gallery of UBA "Shipka6", BG Curator Ivailo Popov;
"Entrebaillement" (prezentation), Opengate Project, Valencia del Ventoso Spain
2012                          “Autumn cultural salon”, Grand Hotel Pomorie, BG;
“E.U. with no politics”, Romulus gallery, Bucharest, RO. Curator, Adrian Lis;
"Sofia Underground", international performance art festival, "3922 frames" DVD video projection, Shipka 6, Sofia BG. Curator Yovo Panchev;
"Ex Nihilo",Nikola Petrov Gallery, Vidin, BG

2011                           "Energy", (participation with 4-D portraits),  Yuzina Gallery, Sofia Bulgaria.

2010                           Presentation ofENTREBAILLEMENT” in
                                  “ Différence et Créativité colloque
                                   Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
                                   Centre Saint-Charles, Paris, France.

2009                           “11th International Panorama of Independent Film Makers
                                   International Film Festival of Patras city- Greece,
                                   Entrebaillement,DVD, 9"21" short film.

2008                           “Optica Festival, Screening:” Time,Unmarked”,video,DVD 4"49 ,
                                    the Cervantes Institute, Paris, France.
                                   “August in Art” 2008 Varna Biennial for Contemporary Art, City Gallery Varna, Bulgaria. Philip Zidarov, Curator.
                                  “National competition for residency in Cite Des Arts, Paris

2007                           «Video Art – Start from Zero»Festival Miden in Athens, Time Unmarked video 4’48’’ DVD

“Optica: the Gijon International Festival of Video Art”, Spain.
                                   “Festival Miden”, Kalamata Greece, “Time,Unmarked”,video,
                             “M-Tel Prizes for Contemporary Art”, National Palace of Culture
                                    Sofia, Bulgaria.
                                    Process-Space Art Festival, “Open Doors”, Balchik BG.  
                                    “97 sq meters sanitary insulation for personal space”, acrylic on vinyl
                                     fibran on plastered wall.                 
                                   “Possible Responses”, National Exhibition Center for Contemporary
                                    Art, Shipka 6, curators: Ruen Ruenov and Yovo Panchev.

2006                            10 x 5 x 3, National Exhibition Centre for Contemorary Art, Shipka 6; project “Psycho-twins”, curator Ruen Ruenov
                                    International Biennial for Contemporary Art – Shumen 2006 “Visual immortality”, curators Elena Panayotova, Peter Tsanev;

¼ Distance, “Nicola Petrov” Gallery – Vidin (in the frame of XІ Art Saloon, National Palace of Culture, Sofia)

2005                            Il Tempo del Tempo - Exhibition of Contemporary Art, curator Rita Tondo, Castello Normanno – Svevo di Mesagne, Brindisi, Italy
AUTO_REMAKE, video 03:24 min:sec (catalogue available)

2004                            “The Global and Man” with multimedia installation, video “Formats of the Infinite: Manifesto” (jointly with Georgi Minchev, sculptor), SFUMATO Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria, curator Galya Dimitrova (catalogue available)

2002                            “Bulgarian painting after 1989”, National Palace of Culture, Sofia
                                    (BG), curator Ruen Ruenov (catalogue available)    
2001                            “The Throne of the Fiery Seraphs”, metal & fire, subway of National palace of Culture, Sofia (BG) (action, Festival of Action & Performance “Happenings in the Street”), curator Ruen Ruenov (documentary film)

Exhibition - 10 years “Art 36” Art Gallery, Sofia (BG)

“The Viaduct 2”, exhibition of painted-over photocopies, plastic works and sketches of terracotta, metal and stone, Euro-Bulgarian Cultural Centre, “Sredets” Hall, Sofia (BG)

“ZhivopisNO”, 6 “Shipka” National Exhibition Centre, Sofia (BG)

“Trans Aqua”, Contemporary Bulgarian and Romanian Artist, Sofia City Art Gallery & “Nikola Petrov” Art Gallery - Vidin (BG) (catalogue available)

2000                            "Others of Us" (Contemporary Bulgarian Artists of Romanian Origin), painting, National Museum of History, Bucharest (RO) (catalogue available)

“Art 36" Art Gallery, Sofia (BG); painting, selection of works created at the art colony aboard "Vidin" ship

"One Generation with Some Differences", painting and sculpture, "Nikola Petrov" Art Gallery - Vidin (BG)

Video Work (selected):

2008                            “Entrebaillement” video 9’ 21’’ DVD

2007                            Crashing the same car” video 5’38” DVD

2006                                                                    “The mechanical dissection of a free expression of infinity in 2’15’’”, video 2’15’’ loop DVD

“Time, Unmarked”, video 4’48’’ DVD

“2pr”, video 7’ 46’’ DVD

2004                                                        “AUTO_REMAKE”, video 3’24’’ DVD

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