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Kартини,  дело на тринайсетте художници, включили се в четвъртия симпозиум за съвременно изкуство „Стъпки напред“ - Благоевград, 2015 бяха показани днес (10 септември) в изложба. Техни автори са: Сашо Стоицов, Христо Шапкаров, Димитър Яранов, Красимир Добрев, Гордън Картър, Богдан Александров, Кирил Иванов, Димитър Шопов- Гавазов, Искра Благоева, Миглена Александрова, Елена Панайотова, Стела Василева и Кирил Стоилов. Изложбата  е подредена в партера на Община Благоевград.

On Monday, August 31st, 2015, the Bulgarian contemporary art will be at focus in Venice with 148 Bulgarian contemporary artists exhibited at Fondazione Giorgio Cini, in the Map of the New Art - Imago Mundi Exhibition, an extraordinary event aimed at presenting an imaginary mapping of over 40 countries and regions in the colors of today’s forms of art!

Organized under the aegis of Benetton Foundation, in conjunction with the 56th Venice Biennale and the imminent 2015 Venice Film Festival, the exhibition will present the most outstanding and recent outcomes of the Imago Mundi collection, the first global project in contemporary art whose main goal is to draw an updated panorama of the contemporary art phenomenon worldwide on an original format of 10 x 12 cm canvas.

the video "Homage to Brancusi" was specifically created as part of the project "the apple" and will be presented in Veliko Tarnovo, BG

2015 Sofia Underground – International Performance Art Festival


"National Exhibition of Landscape", Vidin, Bulgaria, 2014,  "Nikola Petrov Gallery"

"City Center", Acrylic on Canvas, 115cm/208cm, 2014


My two videoart works ( will be shown in Project Berlin 2014 group exhibition between Sept. 19th. - 27th. during Berlin Art Week - meeting point for the international art scene. The exhibition will feature 30 artists from different disciplines.

Bogdan Aleksandrov (BG), Leo Bugaev (RU), Tomas Castano (ES), Patricia Creyns (BE), EnDE (Sébastien Delahaye) (DE), Nick Disaster (IT), Barbara Drev (SI), Maria Es (NL), Marta Ferraté (ES), Liran Fisher (UK), Enzo Forgione (IT), Hannah Gauntlett (IT), Elisabeth Hurtel (FR), Juhani Jarvinen (FI), Jan Kölling (NL), Ville Kylätasku (DE), Biljana Bakaluca Matic (OM), Agnese Matteini (IT), Mmolnar (HR), Pavel Pangrac (CZ), Boohri Park (DE), Natan Pernick (IS), Inge Reisberman (NL), Chrys Roboras (AU/GR), Peter Schudde (NL), Renate Schweizer (DE), Liné Ringtved Thordarson (DK), Myriam Thyes (DE), Tahir Ün (TR), Ronis Varlaam (UK)

"2πτ", 2006, DVD

“Entrebaillement”, 2009, DVD, 9’21’’

Exhibition: SEPTEMBER 20 > SEPTEMBER 27 2014 
Opening: SEPTEMBER 19th from 6pm to 9pm 
Tuesday > Friday – noon > 6pm 
Mehringdamm 61 – 10961 BERLIN

Bogdan Aleksandrov is currently participating in the 2008 edition of the Iwano Project. The project is a cross-cultural experiment; works participating in the event are all made on Hand made Japanese paper,
manufactured by a Japanese Master Paper maker; the paper is then used by artist's from
various cultural traditions from many different nations using their won techniques, though in dialog with the new material represented in the form of this unique paper. The works are then collected and form the annual Iwano Project exhibition in Serbia.

Bogdan Aleksandrov opens his latest project,"Doors Half Open", on Thursday, October 30th, in Paris.

« Cité Internationale des arts »18, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville 75004 Paris
Atelier 8406 étage 4
jeudi 30 OCT - 2008

Video projection and performance Project realized by the artist Bogdan ALEKSANDROV during his residence in the " cite internationale des arts " in Paris.
The recording realized in October, 2008 in Paris with the participation of the company DANSE AVEC LES ROUES and MICADANSES STUDIOS.

Opened door - half-opened, half-opened Chink (of a door) =a half opening allowing an uncomfortable passage towards the other side
Chink (= change of the opening angle of the video objective allowing one to see the action but not in its entirety, only to perceive the space without knowing the true dimension)

Doors half-opened Chink " is an interactive performance within the framework of a workshop, doors opened and around a video installation-projection in situ '. Through the crossing of the two artistic media video and dance, we try to find a metaphor for the glance we were able to share together on a common ground of experiment.
To show the installation the visitors will be brought into direct participation in the performance through their own movements in a wheelchair which shall be put at their disposal. This process will be filmed in his turn entirety.
The title "chink" was suggested to us by the meeting between these two working spaces, invested by two different artistic disciplines, A half-opened door offers for a glance only a reduced accessibility, also the movements of our bodies are perceived as improbable as well as difficult to realize physically
Yawn – Chink: the action of opening/closure(locking) of jaws, amplified to allow the passage of air between the body and the atmosphere. May bring a relaxation of tensions and a change in the state of mind.
Translated at the level of video language, chink, (opening closure of the objective) creates a visual metaphor of these new sensory experiences.
Producers of an enigmatic atmosphere, the video images in their turn, become vectors for the imagination of the spectator, ready to complete these incomplete fictions.

Still Image from"Doors Half Open" featuring:
"Dance with wheels" from the "Studio of Micdanses",

Paris France, October, 2008.

Vidéo projection et performance
Projet réalisé par l’artiste Bogdan ALEKSANDROV pendant la résidence à la « Cité Internationale des arts » à Paris.
Enregistrement (brut) réalisé en octobre 2008 à Paris avec l’aide de la compagnie DANSE AVEC LES ROUES et les STUDIOS MICADANSES.

Porte ouverte - entrouverte, entrebâillée
Entrebâillement (d’une porte) = ouverture à moitié permettant un passage inconfortable vers l’autre côté
Entrebâillement (fente = changement d’angle d’ouverture de l’objectif vidéo permettant de voir l’action mais pas dans son intégralité, d’apercevoir l’espace sans en connaître la dimension)

« entrebâillement » est une performance interactive dans le cadre d’un atelier portes ouvertes autour d’une installation-projection vidéo in situ’ .
A travers le croisement de deux média artistiques comme la vidéo et la danse nous cherchons à trouver une métaphore du regard que nous avons pu porter ensemble sur un terrain commun d’expérimentation.
Pour visualiser l’installation les visiteurs seront amenés à participer à la performance à travers leur propre déplacement dans un fauteuil roulant que nous mettrons à leur disposition. Ce processus sera à son tour filmé intégralement.

Le titre « entrebâillement » nous a été suggéré par la rencontre entre ces deux espaces de travail , investis par deux disciplines artistiques différentes,
Une porte entrebâillée offre pour le regard une accessibilité réduite, de même un déplacement de notre corps est perçu comme improbable car difficile à réaliser physiquement .
Bâillement – action de ouverture- fermeture des mâchoires, amplifiée pour permettre le passage de l’air entre le corps et l’atmosphère. Amène un relâchement des tensions et un changement d’état d’esprit.

Traduit au niveau du langage vidéo, l’ entrebâillement, (ouverture fermeture de l’objectif ) crée une métaphore visuelle de ces expériences sensorielles inédites. Productrice d’une atmosphère énigmatique, les images vidéo à leur tour deviennent des vecteurs pour l’imaginaire du spectateur prêt à compléter ces fictions lacunaires.

"Pangea" Project Logo

Bogdan Aleksandrov in the "Process" studio, June, 2008.

Starting June,23,2008: A new live streaming project, “Pangea”, with Bogdan Aleksandrov. Bogdan’s new cycle of 20 large scale works uses the juxtaposition of diverse images and scientific theory to make an artistic examination of the modern world. Roughly, he will begin with chaos theory, adding to this Fibonacci’s numbers and the concept of the golden section, rounding everything off with the mathematics behind population modeling. We will be able to watch as he combines the obvious and seemingly chaotic violence of mother nature, in the form of a Cyclone, with her more subtle movements captured through 20 maps animating the movements of earth’s continents over the course of 900 million years. The final visual element will be the addition of a drawing by an autistic child, an abstract representation of the unimaginable: the unity of all things.
Bogdan will not stop at a simple illustration of chaos theory, he will raise a few interesting questions in his synthesis of this visual metaphor: the possibility that everything was decided in the first moment of the creation of the universe; the possibility that with enough distance every chaotic system actually shows itself to have rational; and that in society, the differences which seem as wide as oceans could one day vanish as one group drifts into another with the realization that Humanity like our continents, is one, divided now only by the oceans of our own egos. Without answering the questions directly himself, but demonstrating what can only be called an artistic intuition of the answers, he will leave the spectator the right to interpret this visual puzzle and reach his own or her own conclusions.

Video Art from Bogdan Aleksandrov:

"Crashing the Same Car"

"Time, Unmarked", 2006

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