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Showing posts from May 30, 2010

Panta Rei

Bogdan Aleksandrov, artist

Media create the fiction that shapes the world. The Simulacrum (the Unreal Semblance) dominates over reality or fully displaces it. The dynamics of change and re-modulation of society is an active process and we all live “actively” in it. Doubtful grandiose events participate in forming public opinion over a diminishing world. Art, having “achieved” its time, has “dissolved” into it, while in the responsibility to create the spiritual world of ideas it has also “attached” to the virtual world based in the Internet. As a result, this doubled non-reality has transformed into something much more – into Truth – through the living spiritualized global Network.
Civilizations have originated in the great river basins. Because of that those places have attracted people and wisdom; great ideas and world empires have been conceived and eroded away there. And today that makes them an interesting location for scientific and artistic research.
The Panta Rei …