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3922 Frames

"3922 frames" is a video work made from the record of a performance by Bogdan Aleksandrov. The performance and video alike represent a confrontation between man and the relentless progression of time; in so doing it deals with the issues of mortality/eternity, the progression of time, and the human desire to "make a mark" that will endure beyond a lifetime. The symbolism deployed to encompass these elements begins with the location of the performance, the clock tower of one of the largest and oldest cathedrals in Bulgaria: the religious location invoking simultaneous thoughts of man's mortality and desire for eternity, the clock(which has run continuously for over 100 years) keeping an impersonal and steady beat to the passing moments of generations of men. The next element to the work is both the material chosen for and particular location selected by the artist for the screen on which…

Echos from a deteriorating moment

"Echos from a deteriorating moment" is a highly symbolic work that appears, at first glance, to be utterly simple. Simple like life, which is to say, deceptively so. The means employed here are light
, shadow, echoing sound and the waves of the river; all elements experienced by most people on any given day of their lives. What lifts this work up is perspective, the interpretation of the artist's experience of these common events, the events that were in fact moments in his own life. That perspective may be found in the title of the work, " Echos from a deteriorating moment". The waves in the river, the light penetrating in a diffused manner through a more or less opaque glass and the echos of the sound all have two great shared characteristics: they have all been produced by events which have all ceased to exist and as they spread out from their origin in space a…