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Now and Then

Societies are dominated by events (resulting from ideas), and subsequent changes (creating new ideas). The categorization and structuring of events into cycles and periods by researchers contributes to an understanding of them today and allows for a possible prognosis of the future.
I was born in 1960. In the country where I was born this same period was referred to as the beginning of  socialism victorious; simultaneously, one of my first conscious memories is from the end of the time allotted by American sociologists for the baby boom generation. It is captured on a colored black and white photograph. At the time it was taken it was common to enlarge and hand color family photos. The picture is from a local religious celebration, and the people in it do not yet know the names of the periods of history which will in time be used to categorize and place this frozen moment into a particular social and political frame of a faded past ... Due to the super-imposed coloring, the image carri…