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Showing posts from March 4, 2012

Local Cooling

The provocation for this series of paintings came from a meteorological event in the summer of 2010...The location in which I have my studio (44-N latitude), found itself directly in the path of a tornado.The temperature plummeted, it was dark, it became cold, and then came the roaring ... A vacuum created by the storm reduced the glass skylight in the studio's main room into powder. This IS an Almost unheard of event for this location, though such events now begin to Become more Frequent.

There IS a PARADOX in the FACT That I felt the Physical manifestation of global warming Through a local Experience Not That IS in FACT normal for this locale .This initiation by a freak meteorological event produced a deep curiosity directed to the essence of natural phenomena. Like a "hurricane hunter" I began to search / explore the Possible Harmony, locked in nature and whether Their Something (in this Case the Golden section) CAN rationalize Them.

I know That Are Valid Aesthetic cate…