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noise portraits


A briefly-narrated story – a pretext to create a series of portraits
Autism. А development disorder which hampers the human individual’s perception of and interaction with the surrounding world, as well as the organization and understanding of information received through the senses. A neurological disease (disability), as a consequence of which, the receptors’ functioning changes.
I found out about that in 1989. My daughter was 2 and half years old, and I was just completing my arts studies. Confusion and panic were followed by frantic search for ways to overcome that condition of hers. With Emiliana we ended up in a Swiss clinic where they applied a particular method for treating autistic people. Its specifics lie in the attempt to improve the sound receptor through exposing it to gradually increasing filtered noise. During the last therapy sessions the sound reached the limits acceptable for the ear. That method is based on the circumstance that individuals …