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Project MAPPA MUNDI Curator: Bogdan Aleksandrov

The project MAPPA MUNDI offers an opportunity and a model for referring to a specific regional situation (social and artistic) in relation to the global processes in arts and society. The act of transposing local artistic and social events on the background of processes already valid for art is a familiar and in most cases fruitful practice. When that is done by artists-debutantes, the achieved result seems to shorten the distance of future, which thus becomes capable of accepting it and discerning it as its own.
The idea of MAPPA MUNDI was suggested by an already on-going debate about the construction of the Danube Bridge 2. This debate has a specific dynamic which can plausibly be compared to a rising and receding tide – periods of intensive exchange of viewpoints in meetings and discussions at all levels, and moments in which constructive thinking succumbs to guesses and skepticism. Like all big infrastructure projects this one is part …