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8 seconds of my life. An Exhibition in 4 dimensions

8 seconds of my life. An Exhibition in 4 dimensions
Science uncovers the theories which provide rational explanations for the physical world’s structure. From the start of the 20th century up until the present day we have been the witnesses to the amazing and unexpected developments of new theories and technologies: Quantum Theory, the General Theory of Relativity, String theory and the conceptualization of space-time as a more accurate perception of reality. Our expanding knowledge has achieved unexpected results, the ramifications of which reverberate far beyond the field of Physics. The accelerated development of science has led to the emergence of new border forms and to hypotheses, which common linear thinking finds hard to comprehend. The intuitive path of knowledge of the world and human self-awareness develops in parallel. In contemporary art concepts like hypotheses, explorations, paradigms, evidence or projects sound natural in the expression of phenomena from th…