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SAVE THE DREAMS Contemporary Artists from Bulgaria

The opening of the exhibition of the Bulgarian collection of Imago Mundi will take place on Monday August 31st at Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice The collectionSave the Dreams. Contemporary Artists from Bulgaria will be exhibited alongside the most recent 20 Imago Mundi collections and will remain open, during the period of the Venice Biennale, until the second half of November. 
Tsung-tsvang is a term from the world of chess in relation to there being no correct move to be made, no correct way out of a situation.  The current work is a small format canvas made for the Luciano Benetton Collection, Imago Mundi project BULGARIA: SAVE THE DREAMS -  Contemporary Artists from Bulgaria - 2015
The forms pictured in the canvas are derived from drawings made by my daughter, the forms are continued on the flip side of the canvas much in the same way that she would draw her designs across various pamphlets and papers that may be laying about. included in  the inset of the back…