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A diverse exhibition featuring mixed techniques, giving visual substance to the interplay between the shared public experiences and the personal interpretations of these realities. The diversity of technique includes contemporary painting in large format and in a series of 10 small works which unify into one rythmatic piece; a storyboard for video art in 15 units, realized in acrylic, pencil and marker on paper mounted on frames; a digital photograph mounted on plastic panel; and 3 works of video art.The public spaces are governed by social convention and the enshrinement of these conventions in law; such conventions and legislations are based on the concept of a generalized common man, however there also exists an individual man who is constantly forced to operate in this social minefield. Such a man may be found in such diverse forms as a terminally ill patient, dying in transit to the hospital, experiencing a moment that no man can truly appreciate, a moment that places the common…