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Work two for the series Panta Rei.
First new work completed for the new exhibition Panta Rei, June 29th 2010, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia.

Panta Rei

Bogdan Aleksandrov, artist

Media create the fiction that shapes the world. The Simulacrum (the Unreal Semblance) dominates over reality or fully displaces it. The dynamics of change and re-modulation of society is an active process and we all live “actively” in it. Doubtful grandiose events participate in forming public opinion over a diminishing world. Art, having “achieved” its time, has “dissolved” into it, while in the responsibility to create the spiritual world of ideas it has also “attached” to the virtual world based in the Internet. As a result, this doubled non-reality has transformed into something much more – into Truth – through the living spiritualized global Network.
Civilizations have originated in the great river basins. Because of that those places have attracted people and wisdom; great ideas and world empires have been conceived and eroded away there. And today that makes them an interesting location for scientific and artistic research.
The Panta Rei …

Opening of Noise, May11th,2010, Sofia City Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

The exhibition "Noise" continues until June 6th 2010.

Bogdan Alexandrov NOISE. Portraits of a Dear Person 11 May 2010 - 06 June 2010 Autism. A disorder of neural development that prevents adequate perception of and interaction with the surrounding world and affects the processing of information acquired through the senses. A neurological condition that affects the functioning of receptors. Bogdan Alexandrov learned the above in 1989, when his daughter, Emiliana, was two and a half years old. What came next was a visit to a Swiss clinic applying a method for the treatment of autistic people that consists in an attempt to correct the sound receptor by exposing the latter to filtrated sound that is gradually becoming louder and louder until it reaches, at the end of the therapy, the tolerable limits of loudness. The method is based on the assumption that you get accustomed to loud noise. You no longer hear the trams passing by your window by the end of the second week of exposu…

"noise" opening, may 11th!

Богдан Александров
ШУМ. Портрети на близък човек

11 май – 6 юни 2010, откриване 11 май, вторник, 18.00 часа
11th of May-6th of June 2010, opening, May 11th, Tuesday, 6:00pm

Аутизъм. Разстройство на развитието, което пречи на човешкия индивид да възприема нормално и да взаимодейства със заобикалящия го свят, както и да организира и разбира информацията, която получава чрез своите сетива. Неврологично заболяване, в следствие на което настъпват промени във функционирането на рецепторите.
Богдан Александров научава това през 1989 година. Тогава дъщеря му Емилиана е на две години и половина. Следва швейцарска клиника, където прилагат метод за лекуване на аутични хора, който се състои в опит за коригиране на звуковия рецептор чрез подлагането му на постепенно усилващ се филтриран шум. В края на терапията звукът достига до пределите, допустими за ухото. В основата на този метод е обстоятелството, че към силния шум се привиква. Човек спира да чува преминаващия под прозореца на стаята му трамва…

noise portraits


A briefly-narrated story – a pretext to create a series of portraits
Autism. А development disorder which hampers the human individual’s perception of and interaction with the surrounding world, as well as the organization and understanding of information received through the senses. A neurological disease (disability), as a consequence of which, the receptors’ functioning changes.
I found out about that in 1989. My daughter was 2 and half years old, and I was just completing my arts studies. Confusion and panic were followed by frantic search for ways to overcome that condition of hers. With Emiliana we ended up in a Swiss clinic where they applied a particular method for treating autistic people. Its specifics lie in the attempt to improve the sound receptor through exposing it to gradually increasing filtered noise. During the last therapy sessions the sound reached the limits acceptable for the ear. That method is based on the circumstance that individuals …

In the Studio

Bogdan Aleksandrov in the studio, working on the new series, "Noise", 18 new "Binary Portraits" for his opening at Sofia City Gallery, Sofia Bulgaria, May 11th ,2010.

Presentation of "Entrebaillement" in Paris, Jan 26-27, 2010

From the presentation of the short film "Entrebaillement" , by Bogdan Aleksandrov. The presentation took place Jan 26 and 27, 2010, at:
Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
Centre Saint-Charles,
47 rue des Bergers, 75015 Paris,France

"Différence et Créativité",latest presentation of the short film, "Entrebâillement" in Paris, France.

Présentation dans le cadre du colloque Différence et Créativité
26 , 27 janvier 2010

Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
Centre Saint-Charles,
47 rue des Bergers, 75015 Paris,


un film réalisée par

Cette Vidéo a été réalisée par l’artiste vidéaste Bogdan ALEKSANDROV, en novembre 2008 , pendant sa résidence à la « Cité Internationale des arts » à Paris et avec la collaboration de la compagnie « Danse avec les roues » et les Studios Micadanses .

«Entrebâillement» est un film réalisé suite aux ateliers et performances, permettant le croisement de ces deux média artistiques : la vidéo et la danse.
Le film constitue une métaphore du regard portant sur les artistes valides ou « invalides » et leur terrain commun d’expérimentation. En même temps il invite le regard et étend son champs à l’implication du public. Afin de visualiser l’installation proposé dans la « Cité Internationale des arts » à Paris, les visiteurs ont participé physiquement à la performance à trav…